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Shaykh Zohayr Qazzān

Shaykh Zohayr Qazzān is a leading scholar of Islamic jurisprudence. Orphaned at a young age, he was raised and taught by renowned scholars in southern Algeria including Shaykhs Bay Bil Aalam and Abdullah Bil Aaalam. The shaykh went on to study secular studies as well, completing a law degree in Algiers. He has since been teaching around the world bringing his intuitive understanding of Islamic knowledge to navigate modern issues around us and their philosophical underpinnings.

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Ustadh Harun Saleh

Harun Saleh is currently a student at Al Azhar University and Markaz Imam Malik. Harun has studied with Shaykh Zohayr Qazzān for almost 3 years now online and in person at the Markaz and has completed many texts with the Shaykh as well as having benefitted immensely from close mentorship from the Shaykh. He is also the President of Imam Malik Seminary (the official non profit organization for Markaz Imam Malik established in the US). Harun has experience teaching having taught 4 courses for Safina Society, teaching at his local masjid, as well as at Markaz Imam Malik in both English and Arabic.


Ustadh Mohamed Ali

Mohamed Ali is a student at Markaz Imam Malik and also a 3rd-year PhD student at Georgetown University in the Arabic & Islamic Studies Program, where he has taught and mentored undergraduate and graduate students in Intermediate and Advanced Arabic over the past three years. Mohamed started studying Arabic and Islam in the beginning of 2008 and began his traditional studies upon moving to Maryland in 2014, studying a traditional curriculum covering the various Islamic sciences. Over the past year, Mohamed has studied several texts with Shaykh Zohayr Qazzān and recently spent the summer with the Shaykh and fellow students in Cairo.


Ustadh Tariq Patanam

Tariq Patanam began his studies with the memorization of the Qur'an before high school. Since then he has studied fiqh, aqeedah, tasawwuf and usul with Shaykh Rami Nsour in California, in the mahdarah of Murabit al-Hājj in Mauritania, and more recently at the Markaz Imam Malik with Shaykh Zohayr Qazzān in Egypt and Online. He graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in computer science and minor in philosophy, and works on his startup while not studying.

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Ustadh Arthur K. Richards

Arthur K. Richards is a current student of Markaz Imam Malik and a former student in Masjid Al Azhar’s Rawaq program in Sharia. He served as a translator in the Dar Al Iftaa of Egypt under the Grand Mufti of Egypt where he translated contemporary fatwas into the English language. He works full-time in Data and Marketing at LaunchGood and continues his studies online with Shaykh Zohayr Qazzān and in person with select teachers in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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