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The Markaz Imam Malik for Islamic Education and Research
Our Vision

Markaz al-Imam Malik is a premier online and in-person religious institution committed to the education, research, and publication of our Islamic intellectual heritage.

Our Mission

The Markaz, with assistance from God, strives to erect what will preserve the scholarly methodology passed down from master to master, while deriving benefit from the social sciences in the context of current issues in the modern era.

Our Goals

We envision a future of Islamic knowledge revival across the world in line with the Islamic knowledge tradition that has been passed down. This consists of three aspects:

  1. Spreading a general understanding of Islamic sciences that has been passed down to us while taking into account the modern world around us.

  2. Encouraging and teaching a class of scholars to engage deeply with our rich Islamic tradition and the secular one

  3. To publish an array of works from the editing of ancient and critical manuscripts that will benefit the scholarly student to easy-to-understand content for the layperson

Our 2023 Annual Report
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